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A different approach must be taken toward each individual prospect. It's knowing how and when to put the pieces together for each unique phone sale puzzle.

phone sale is a different animal than its outbound relatives, appointment setting and lead generation. A phone sale is much tougher! To excel in phone sales you have to be persistent, have resilient, and rarely take no for an answer.

Out of one hundred phone calls, 99 people tell you to pound salt, and one person buys. It takes a special kind of person to jump into the trenches day after day, and put up with that volume of rejection.

A phone sale is very effective for selling lower to medium ticket prices with just one phone call! Phone sales can also be very effective for selling high-ticket items, but it's a rarity if the deal is inked on the first phone call. A phone sale for high-ticket items is a process. It takes multiple calls and proper follow-up to close an expensive sale.

There are three types of telemarketers, and only one type excels in phone sales. Someone who does well in phone sales is known in the industry as a Closer. This type of phone sales professional has good communication skills; they are persistent but not obnoxious. They are ready and prepared to overcome objections, address concerns and close several times before finally taking no for an answer.

These type "A" personality people thrive under pressure. They love to play the game and enjoy the challenge that phone sales constantly presents. Phone sales and appointment setting on tougher projects is the perfect match for a Closer.

Our Phone Sales Professionals Are The Cream Of The Crop

We have the luxury to be able to pick and choose the best possible match for your project. We have grown to be a reliable company by building long-term relationships with our clients. It is to our selfish best interest to make sure we have the right phone sales person on the phone for your individual marketing program.



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